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Fame changed u

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"I mean, Danielle is the Yoda of the Group" - Este Haim

What what what what what what ???!?!??

i wish someone would record their expressions as they encounter this type of stuff


Ariel and Haim in the studio 

omg fraggle’s face in the 2nd gif

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love photo of haim & florence + the machine together <3

"When you’re younger and you meet your first love, I think you kind of always see it as always being there. And then, you realize it’s probably not going to be The One. It’s kind of like a girly thing, but I think it’s kind of about that. You know, saying ‘If you’re willing to, I am, but I understand if you’re not.’"
Danielle Haim, on the meaning of ‘Forever’ (via haphazardinfinie)


My parents are lucky I was too lazy to go through a rebellious phase

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