Columbia University Marching Band’s sexual assault policy stems from members' personal experiences →


My big “deep throat” moment (it’s SFW)

I’m proud of the part I played in making sure this policy happened this summer after a long time of no action. I worked hard and so did the people on the board. I sent a lot of stern emails. I am writing this while in a class with a rapist in it so this is obviously a big campus issue that is going to take a lot more work to fix. Baby steps. He’s wearing a turtleneck. Why am I on Tumblr in class, you ask? Don’t worry about it.

proud of you linda!! 


pls don’t expect me not to wear the same jeans every day bc that is unrealistic and unfair

what if i changed my uRL to pumpkinhaim for october

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Anonymous whispered: "is it "hi-um" or "highmmm"? I think it's highmmm but i've always said hi-um."

it’s “hi-um”! you are correcT! but in my book as long as you’re not saying hame you’re ahead of the curve

Hannah Reid on ‘Wasting My Young Years’: "I have a lot of friends now who are really lost. We got to go to university and have a good education, but we’re finding ourselves in a position where it’s impossible to get jobs, and we’re terrified. So many people I know don’t know what to do with their lives."

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