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"I'm tired of being considered vapid for liking pop music or caring about fashion as if these things inherently lack substance or as if the things i enjoy somehow make me a lesser person"


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MY SONG 5 ON AN ALANA-SHAPED VINYL. Super excited about this one. Pre-order it here:http://smarturl.it/MySong5Vinyl


I didn’t know Jack White had a cooking show???????

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Huge Saint Bernard dog being needy

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"…we realized we could write together without killing each other."

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wolfconquerer replied to your post:im sorry but am I the only one thinking about the…

haim-themed shot glasses and beer holders too.. wanna be business partners?

yes. i also think moti haim would interested in a piece of this action

im sorry but am I the only one thinking about the business opportunities here??? este shaped plates and dishes??? danielle shaped posters??? grahame shaped tea cozies??? im over here creating lots of opportunities and ideas for roc nation dont hold me back

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